Enhanced Solubility and Bioavailability: The Science of the Balance Act CBD Beverage Blend

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The question of whether or not we’re physically, mentally, and emotionally balanced is, at its core, a very unfair question. Are any of us TRULY balanced? No, and that’s okay; we can’t be expected to go at it alone. With the demands of the day, it’s not always easy to put wellness first; work and kids are prioritized over health and fitness. 

If you need a boost to your wellness routine (and let’s face it, we all do), then allow us to introduce you to our Balance Act CBD Beverage Blend by UPSY Wellness, a 100% water soluble CBD beverage blend packaged in convenient, on-the-go packets. Nano-encapsulated for enhanced solubility, Balance Act has some of the best bioavailability on the market, meaning that when you drink it, you’re absorbing all of the goodness that Balance Act intends to provide. 

What does it take to make an exceptionally delicious and consistently effective CBD Beverage Blend? We started by observing the problem that, unconditionally, affects us all: Life. In theory, it’s a simple observation, but in practice, it is a profoundly difficult process to understand. Life, depending on the circumstances, makes us happy or sad, excited or scared, confident or anxious, and optimistic or pessimistic. Sometimes, we experience all these emotions at the same time; while it’s a fact of life to have these feelings (and become physically, mentally, or emotionally unbalanced because of it), it’s not something you have to “power through” for the sake of others. That’s why UPSY set out on a mission to be everyone’s sidekick!

Our Balance Act CBD Beverage Blend offers the harmonizing effect of our research grade CBD isolate and a mix of all natural, health-enhancing ingredients, including *REAL* lemon juice and lemon oil. We’ve discussed many of the benefits of CBD before, and we stick by them; UPSY’s Balance Act is designed to bring your body to a stasis by using Cannabidiol and other plant-derived ingredients to support a balanced mood and ease stress. Since the Endocannabinoid System is largely understood as a regulator in the body’s anxiety and stress response, Balance Act works as the catalyst for making a better mind and body possible.

Why did we choose to use real lemons? Beyond the platitude that “natural is better,” lemons are known for their balancing properties. Lemon juice & lemon oil alike are known to balance pH, strengthen the immune system, and boost metabolism. And if you’ve ever been worried about scurvy, fear not! Lemons are an excellent source of Vitamin C.

We created the Balance Act Beverage Blend because, quite simply, life is a balance act; with more and more priorities to deal with, the balance act gets harder and harder, and we just can’t let that happen! With products meant to push you through to better days, UPSY Balance Act is sure to be the best balancing beverage blend for your daily wellness routine.

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