CBD for Energy: Does it really work?

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You know about the benefits of CBD for stress relief, better sleep, and a sense of calm. But CBD for energy? That’s a new one.

It may seem counterintuitive, but the same CBD that helps us rest better can also get us over the post-lunch lull. The trick is a healthy balance of bioavailable CBD and energy-boosting nutraceuticals.

By taking CBD for mental stimulation — at precise dosages and with other stimulating ingredients — we can experience a clear-headed, sustained wave of energy without the crash of energy drinks.

How to Use CBD for Energy

Research suggests that CBD can promote wakefulness at lower doses, and some researchers suspect that CBD can increase the release of dopamine, which is important for alertness. More generally, CBD establishes bodily balance.

CBD — or cannabidiol — supports our body’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system plays a regulatory role across other bodily systems such as the immune, endocrine, and central nervous systems. So when we support the endocannabinoid system with CBD, we’re achieving a holistic balance that has many benefits.

And contrary to what some believe, taking CBD doesn’t sedate us — or stimulate us. It restores the equilibrium we need for better energy levels and restful evenings alike. Ultimately, helps us perform at our peak around the clock.

A Synergy of CBD

Energy drinks work for a quick boost. Yet they may leave us feeling “wired and tired” or exhausted several hours later. CBD energy drinks, however, open up new possibilities that don’t end in a crash.

Our Rocket Fuel CBD Beverage Blends combine bioavailable CBD with a balanced mix of the best ingredients found in energy drinks. We think Rocket Fuel is the perfect CBD drink for energy: a pick-me-up without the crash of overly sweet energy drinks.

With Rocket Fuel CBD beverage packets, you can get the caffeine you crave because — let’s face it — we all want our caffeine. And though many people over do it on caffeine, a healthy amount of caffeine has been shown to reduce fatigue, burn fat, and improve reaction times.

And we’ve added the amino acid theanine to our Rocket Fuel mix too. Theanine is a powerful antioxidant with relaxing properties that promote clear-headed focus. You can find it in tea leaves — and in every packet of UPSY Rocket Fuel CBD Beverage Blend.

CBD Bioavailability

CBD can’t do any good if your body can’t absorb it. Unfortunately, that’s the case with many CBD products. Because our body is mostly water, it struggles to absorb CBD, which is an oily compound. Stomach acids destroy CBD too. In total, about 81-87% of CBD goes unabsorbed.

UPSY uses only highly bioavailable CBD. By applying proven pharmaceutical methods, we increase the absorption of our CBD on a molecular level. For Rocket Fuel, we nano-encapsulate the CBD in a protective shell, which protects it until it’s time for absorption.

The nano-encapsulation lets the CBD in Rocket Fuel beverages bypass harsh stomach acids for absorption in the small intestine where it can do the most good. That way, you get the CBD — and the energy — you need without the waste.

Ready to try the optimal CBD drink for energy and focus? We’re proud to bring you Rocket Fuel. We think it's the best formulation you’ll find for energy, mental stimulation, and being your best all day long.

Try UPSY Rocket Fuel CBD Beverage Blends for yourself now.

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