CBD for Golf Performance


Golfers will do just about anything to lower their swing count by a few strokes.

Some pay thousands of dollars for clubs. Others practice long after their bodies have said “stop.” But now, savvy golfers are trying CBD to up their game. In fact, CBD has taken the sport by storm.

Golfing greats such as Phil Mickelson have been spotted using CBD on the course, and other golfers — including the long-driving Bubba Watson — are selling CBD products.

So what can CBD do for your golf game? Here are four ways CBD can help you beat your friends the next time you’re out on the course.

#1 CBD Takes the Edge Off

You know how you always hit your best drives when nobody’s watching? And shank it when it’s time to tee off?

Performance anxiety is a natural part of competing under pressure — or under the watchful eyes of your wise-cracking buddies. Fortunately, research has shown that CBD may help to alleviate social anxiety and anxiety overall.

And it’s not just golfers turning to CBD. Mixed martial arts fighters suffer from serious performance pressure and find that CBD helps them calm the nerves and focus. If it works for fighters stepping into the ring, it can definitely take the edge off when stepping up to the tee.

What is CBD?
Cannabidiol — otherwise known as CBD — is a natural compound that comes from the hemp plant. Unlike its cousin, marijuana, hemp contains little or no intoxicating THC. Instead, hemp is rich in CBD. CBD does not cause intoxication.

In fact, our bodies already produce compounds which are very similar to CBD, and have neuroreceptors that are perfectly shaped to receive CBD molecules. These natural CBD-like compounds play a wide variety of roles to regulate our immune systems, nervous systems, and digestion.

#2 Golfers Use CBD For Pain Relief

Franky, our bodies weren’t made for golf. The asymmetrical movement of swinging a golf club is unlike walking or running, and it places serious strain on the lower back, shoulders, and wrists.

CBD sports balms and creams deliver CBD directly to the receptors in our skin and muscles. By putting the CBD directly at the site of an injury, golfers can get relief exactly where it hurts rather than taking a tincture.

The USPY Cool-Aid Roll-On is a CBD topical stick formulated with powerful menthol and a host of other ingredients you won’t find anywhere else. In addition to CBD and menthol, the Cool-Aid Roll-On has arnica, turmeric, basil, lavender and more than a dozen other herbal extracts for natural relief.

Golfers love the UPSY Cool-Aid Roll-On because of its no-mess applicator and non-greasy texture. They can apply it during competition without getting a mess all over their hands and clubs. If you’re hurting, make sure to check it out.

#3 Sleep: The All-Natural Wonder Drug

Sleeplessness doesn’t translate to peak performance on the course. To get a good night’s rest, golfers are turning to a proven sleep aid — CBD.

Unlike Tylenol PM, CBD is all natural. Diphenhydramine (the sleep aid component of Tylenol PM) has been linked to a 54% increase in dementia and Alzheimer’s in consumers who use it regularly.

By contrast, CBD is a natural oil derived from a plant. It’s been shown to improve sleep without the side effects or addiction risks of prescription sleep aids and narcotics. CBD doesn’t cause sedation or drowsiness. Instead, it supports a balanced endocannabinoid system for better health overall.

#4 CBD for Quicker Recovery

Practice makes perfect. And with CBD, golfers can recover faster and get back to practice sooner than ever.

A CBD topical works directly at the site of injury, and a quality CBD tincture, such as the Balance Act CBD Tincturefrom UPSY, provides whole-body recovery support. When golfers combine the two, they can rest better, perform better, and get back on the course quicker after an injury.


A Quick Note from UPSY:

Make sure to get lab-tested CBD. Recent studies have shown many products contain less than the stated quantity of CBD — or none at all.

All UPSY products are tested for purity and potency. You don’t have to choose UPSY, but make sure your CBD product has a Certificate of Analysis from a third-party laboratory.

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