Does Your CBD Pass the Test?

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You’ve tried CBD. But have you really tried CBD? The truth may surprise you.

All too often, CBD products don’t contain the quantity of CBD promised on the label, and some don’t contain any CBD at all! Still others contain trace amounts of THC, which can show up on a drug test.

So how do you tell the difference? The only way to know for sure — and the only way to avoid wasting your money — is to see the test results yourself.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about finding quality CBD and interpreting the test results.

Avoid CBD Scams

A 2019 study documented a jaw-dropping number of scammers and fakes. Of the 47 CBD products tested in the study, five contained no CBD whatsoever, and 16 had less than 80% of the stated quantity.

The study found 11% of CBD products contain no CBD.

Unfortunately, CBD is a loosely regulated product. The US Food and Drug Administration has yet to establish regulations for CBD production and testing. That puts the onus on manufacturers to do their own testing. But without proper regulations, the risk ultimately falls to you, the consumer.

Avoid THC and Contaminants

Some CBD products contain THC, either intentionally or by accident. Some users want a little THC in with their CBD, but most don’t.

If your CBD is labeled as “full-spectrum,” you are likely consuming trace amounts of THC. And if your product is labeled as “broad-spectrum” there’s a pretty good chance too.

At UPSY, we make our products from 100% CBD isolate derived from USA-grown hemp. “Isolate” means there are no other plant byproducts such as THC — just pure, laboratory-grade CBD.

If you’re ready to try ultra-purified CBD oil, check out Upsy Balance Act. Balance Act CBD tinctures and drinks contain lab-tested CBD isolate without the pesticides or THC sometimes found in other products — and both provide the support you need to destress and be your best.

Get Lab-Tested CBD Oil

Modern chemistry can test for just about any compound; CBD and THC are not exceptions. At UPSY, we test our products in-house using high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). HPLC testing is the gold standard of analytical chemistry, and it’s the best way to deliver you an accurately labeled finished product.

We test our input material (the hemp plant) for pesticides and potency. Then, after the CBD is extracted and concentrated, we test again. And as we formulate the product, we test repeatedly to make incremental potency adjustments.

That’s a lot of testing. But, just to be sure, we have our product tested yet again by an outside laboratory. We do it to provide you — our customers — with complete quality assurance.

How to Interpret CBD Test Results

Accredited laboratories provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for every service they perform. It’s proof — from an unbiased third-party expert — that a product contains the proper amount of the active ingredient without contaminants.

In the case of a tincture, the accredited lab tests the concentration of CBD and uses that concentration to calculate the total amount of CBD in the bottle. You’ll find the quantity stated as a concentration (percentage by volume) and as a weight (milligrams). The closer to the labeled quantity, the better.

In the pharmaceutical industry, a potency variation of up to +/-20% is considered acceptable for most products. But that’s a wide spread. Manufacturers are usually much more accurate, with variations of +/-5% being most common.


The COA shown here — which documents the contents of UPSY Balance Act Tincture — shows an accurately labeled, THC-free product. The CBD variance is just 1.2% from the labeled quantity and the THC is right on target: there’s none there at all.

Finding Your COA is Easy

At UPSY, we make finding your test results easy. There’s a QR code on every package. Just scan it with any smartphone or smart device, and you’ll pull up the COA.

The COA you see on your phone will match the exact batch of CBD you’re holding in your hand — not a one-time test from years ago.

Ready to try UPSY? Check out the ALIGN Balance Act line of products. You’ll find mint-flavored tinctures in a variety of concentrations and zesty beverages ready for on-the-go use.

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