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If you’re taking UPSY, you want better health (of course), but you’re probably also seeking a different lifestyle altogether. UPSY Fans aim to establish a baseline of health and wellness that helps them create better days for themselves and, in turn, for many others. Whether it’s home-related, work-related, or a combination of both, UPSY has become a trusted sidekick for many – who, like you, want to improve life’s quality. 

Getting started with CBD is easy, but there are a few things to know before making it a part of your lifestyle.

How much CBD should you take? 

Everyone responds slightly differently to CBD, so finding the right daily amount for you and your goals will require a little experimenting. For best results, try gradually increasing your dose until you get the outcome you want. We recommend you also try taking it at different times of the day. As a point of reference, most people take between 10mg - 20mg daily. 

Additionally, it’s important to mention that CBD has “biphasic” properties. This means it can have different effects at different doses. At low doses, CBD is more stimulating. At higher doses, you may find it’s more relaxing. Depending on your desired outcome, you’ll end up taking more or less, but either way, you’ll need to experiment to find what’s best for you.

Go beyond CBD

CBD is great for establishing a baseline of health and wellness, but USPY takes its CBD products a step further by formulating them to meet your unique needs. For example, UPSY’s LIFT Rocket Fuel Beverage Blend. Formulated with research-grade CBD isolate, caffeine, and theanine, this product is the perfect sidekick when you could use a boost in energy and focus. 

Caffeine (a supplement you might already consider a friend) helps improve brain function, alertness, and energy. Theanine, an amino acid found in some mushrooms and teas, has shown to help improve mental focus, increase cognitive performance, and lower blood pressure. So, when you couple these two brain power ingredients with the balancing benefits of UPSY’s research-grade CBD isolate, you get sustained energy without the crash or jitters you get from other energy-promising supplements. Learn more about Rocket Fuel.

Another example is UPSY’s SOOTHE Cool-aid Topical Roll-on. Feeling sore? Well this product was made with relief in mind. Formulated with a myriad of essential oils and plant extracts, including UPSY’s research-grade CBD isolate, menthol, radish oil, turmeric, arnica, and aloe vera (ingredients that have all shown to help with sore muscles and inflammation), this product is the perfect companion when your body needs some comfort. Learn more about Cool-aid.

Be Consistent with Your CBD

When you find your CBD balance, you’ll want to stay balanced. That’s why consistent dosing and accurate product labeling is so important. If the amount of CBD in your product varies from batch to batch, your outcomes will vary too.

It’s only natural for plant-based products to vary a little in their chemical content, but your CBD product shouldn’t. UPSY takes pride in accuracy and consistency, so we test our products each step of the production process (not just at the end) to ensure the potency labeling on our products is always accurate. Then, when we arrive at our final formulation, we use a multi-tiered approach to certify that our products meet specification and requirements with the help of an FDA accredited lab - where our products are tested, verified, and validated. But you don’t need to take our word for it; a Certificate of Analysis from an outside laboratory tells you exactly what’s in the product you’re holding in your hand. Just scan the QR code on the package to double-check the laboratory results.

Get High-Quality CBD

When you make CBD part of your everyday life, you’ll want good CBD — and nothing else. Make sure to find pure CBD products that are free from heavy metals, pesticides, and inorganic compounds. 

At UPSY, we use genetics, science, and agricultural practices that are environmentally friendly to ensure we deliver on our promise for only organic, non-GMO, THC free, gluten free, vegan, and where applicable, kosher ingredients. We also test our products to certify that our customers are getting the quality and safety they deserve. 

Are you ready to find the USPY sidekick that’s right for you? Visit or follow us on social at upsy_official.

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