A Morning Routine for a Better Day!

Woman doing by the ocean, healthy morning routines with UPSY Wellness

Since introducing a little shortie into my life (just turned two in January!), my morning routine has become a little.. disjointed. But luckily, the same basic principles are all still there, even if they aren’t necessarily done sequentially each day. These can be done whether it’s a weekday or weekend and it doesn’t matter what time you rise each day. Having this intentional, consistent routine to my morning helps to set me up for a successful day.


  1. “Inner Bath” – I love this phrase, borrowed from my favorite health podcast guru, Shawn Stevenson. My inner bath is the absolute first thing I do as soon as I open my eyes each morning. I drink a nice, big, room temperature 16oz glass of water. Why room temp? It wakes up your organs gently with no shock to your system and you’re able to gulp down a lot more in a short time. Cleansing your insides is just as important as washing your face and brushing your teeth.


  1. Movement – Notice I say ‘movement’ and not ‘exercise’. For me, this time is not for my workout. This is to wake up my muscles and let them ease into the day. Usually for me, this looks like some long, languid stretching in bed before I make my way to the floor to bang out 100 crunches and maybe 10 or so pushups. This is quick, automatic and mindless. And yes, sometimes I’ll even squeeze in a few squats if I’m so inclined!


  1. Bathroom Time! – I have to admit, this is one of my favorite parts of the day. I’m a bit of a skincare junkie, but it’s the ritual of it all that I love so much. I follow my simple 5-step morning skincare routine) and then pick out my clothes as I brush my teeth.


  1. Rehydrate – You can see that I’m a fan of multi-tasking. Prior to discovering Upsy, this was the time when I crafted my morning beverage – hot water with fresh squeezed lemon, ACV and a scoop of Himalayan sea salt to remineralize. Now with using Upsy’s Balance Act Beverage Blend, I’m able to get my daily CBD intake as well and kill two birds with one stone (terrible saying BTW.. who’s killing birds??) 


  1. Get Outside – I’m a big fan of my ‘daily commute’, which entails going on my porch with my beverage, letting the dog run around outside and getting some sunshine on my face before heading back in to start my day. I try to hang out there at least ten minutes – maybe grab the mail, wave to the neighbors and set an intention for the day ahead. It’s a nice way to cap off my morning routine before getting the baby up… and now the real crazy begins!



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