Align, Lift, Soothe & Unwind... Meet your sidekicks

Woman ready to take-on the day, meet your UPSY sidekicks

Life Demands a Superhero. You Deserve a Sidekick.

At UPSY, we live by this sentiment, but if you’re new to UPSY, you may be curious as to what this means. 

In our journey as a company, we’ve designed products to aid in the simple (yet profound) struggles of everyday life. You have commitments to family, friends, and your job; through the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes we forget that we have a commitment to ourselves.

When life demands a superhero, as we like to say, it is demanding your best self. That can be easier said than done. That’s where we come in. 

UPSY is your sidekick. In this crazy world of responsibility, you need a consistent, reliable shoulder to lean on. We’re not here to take the reigns (that’s your job!), but act as that assistant in your everyday journey, with products made to Lift, Align, Soothe, Unwind, and more.

Like what you’re reading? If so, let’s address the biggest question: what do these products do? It may sound simple, but we’re developed products designed to push you through to better days, and since no two people are the same, we’ve got four distinct offerings that strive to tackle life’s toughest obstacles. 

Let’s break it down:


We’ve all been there: It’s already been a 10 hour work day, and just as you’re wrapping things up & planning where to go for dinner… you get called into your boss’s office for another meeting. And while you’re putting on a brave face, we all know you’re not happy about it.

Align works to offer some balance in your life. In tough times, that sense of comfort doesn’t always come easy, and Align is for more balancing overall mood and easing anxiety. Offered as a delicious drink mix with real lemon, or as a tincture, Align is a quick and easy option, even if your 10 hour work day just became 12.

Feeling dragged? It’s not a midday slump if it starts at 9am. Mental and Physical presence go hand in hand; if you’re not mentally present, it’s harder to stay physically present, and vice versa. And while we love a cup of morning coffee, we hate the crash that comes hours later. We all want energy, just hold the side effects.

UPSY Lift products work to tackle this issue; providing energy right when you need it, Lift is aided by a combination of Caffeine, CBD, and Theanine to give you a boost through the day. 


Picture this: You’ve just gone grocery shopping, and you’re feeling brave. You decide to take your grocery bags --- five of them --- and carry them into your house all at once. You set them down, and now you’ve got this kink in your back, and with a whole day of chores still ahead of you (and even more chores after that), ignoring it isn’t an option. 

Don’t let that pain set you back. Soothe is for relieving localized aches and pains; a topical CBD hemp-based lotion, this roll-on product is meant to provide quick, efficient relief when and where you need it. 


Finally, Some Relaxation: Or so we thought. It’s easy to be told that it’s time to relax, but it’s really just easy in theory. With an entire day behind you, there’s so much to think about: What does tomorrow look like? How many meetings do I have? Do I have a deadline? Do I have a Doctor’s Appointment? With all these thoughts racing through our heads, no wonder R&R is a pipe dream, and not an actual dream. 

Unwind is for… well… unwinding. You need & deserve a good night’s rest after the day you’ve had, and Unwind is the sidekick to make that possible. 

UPSY is increasing and improving its inventory all the time. But we’re not here to steal the spotlight… you’re still the hero, after all. Shop our line of products today!

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