Effective date: March 11, 2020

UPSY, LLC ("us", "we", or "our") offers automatic reoccurring purchases for products/services on its website (“Subscriptions”). When opting into such offers, the Subscriber (“you” or “your”) agree to the Privacy Policy found HERE, standard Terms of Service found HERE, and to the Additional Terms of Service (“Additional Terms”) outlined herein. 

Additionally, promotional offers such as free trials or other bargain related trials, discounts, incentives, and rewards may be subject to additional terms and conditions (“Promotional Terms”). When utilizing and, in turn, benefiting from such offers, you acknowledge and agree to the offers’ associated Promotional Terms and accept responsibility for all payment obligations specified within it.  

Subscription Periods, Cancellations, and Refunds 

Subscriptions are subject to automatic renewal according to the delivery interval (“Subscription Period”) you have selected. The first Subscription Period commences on the day your initial Subscriptions are fulfilled/shipped and, upon the next scheduled fulfillment/shipment day, will automatically renew (“Renewal Date”) for the equivalent amount of time and for the equivalent amount of products/services; remaining on this automated cycle unless you chose to modify or cancel your Subscriptions. 

To modify, pause, or cancel Subscriptions at any time, please log into your account and select “Manage Membership” from the menu options. Please note, modifications or cancellations to Subscriptions reflect the current Subscription Period (next scheduled shipment), therefore any requests made on a Renewal Date cannot be applied to Subscriptions that are (i) scheduled to be fulfilled/shipped on that day or (ii) have been fulfilled/shipped. To learn more about our Return Policy or to request a refund, please click HERE.

Fees, Payment Obligation, and Personal Payment Information, 

There are no subscription fees associated with our Subscriptions, therefore you are only responsible to pay for the cost of the products/services at our then current prices and the cost of the shipping and handling. Subscription payments are automatically processed on the day Subscriptions are fulfilled/shipped and, immediately upon processing such payments, an order confirmation will be sent to you via the email address on record for your account. Please note, should you choose to pause or cancel your Subscriptions, payments will cease automatically. 

Payment methods currently accepted for Subscriptions include all major credit cards and personal debt cards. Personal payment information associated with these payment methods (e.g. card number, expiration date, CVV number, and billing address) are solely and directly provided to the third-party service we use for payment processing and cannot be accessed by UPSY, LLC. In the circumstance where you need to update your personal payment information, please log into your account and select “Personal Information” from the menu options. To learn more about our payment processors or for questions related to how your personal payment information is collected or stored, please refer to our Privacy Policy found HERE

Credit Card Authorization and Transfers

In accordance to automated payment cycle set forth above, when becoming a Subscriber, you agree and authorize us to (i) collect payments via automatic debit using the payment method on record for your account at the time the Subscriptions are fulfilled/shipped, (ii) process such payments through any third-party payment processor we designate, and (iii) represent and warrant to having all necessary power and authority to use such payment method. 

We reserve the right to transfer your Subscriptions to any successors or assignees of UPSY, LLC and, as such, hereby authorize any such persons or entities to continue to collect payment as set forth above provided it is for substantially similar products/services and for similar costs. You also acknowledge, as does we, that you may not assign or transfer your Subscriptions to any other person or entity. 


Free trials or other bargain related trials are subject to Promotional Terms which may include, but are not limited to, a period of time where products/services can be purchased for a lower price (“Promotional Trial Period”) and then followed by a higher price at the end of that period. When purchasing Subscriptions through such offers, you agree that your purchase is subject to automatic renewal at the end of the Promotional Trial Period unless it is modified or canceled as set forth above and that we may adjust the pricing at the end of the Promotional Trial Period to our then current pricing without prior notice or any additional communication to you. Please note, only one Promotional Trial Period is allowed per Subscriber and all subsequent Subscriptions do not qualify for trials.       

On occasion, other discounts, incentives, rewards, or gifts may be piggybacked with trial offers. In this scenario, we reserve the right to withhold such additional offers until the Promotional Trial Period is complete and you have been charged one time for the full retail value of the products/services. Additionally, in the event you choose to cancel your Subscriptions prior to the completion of your Promotional Trial period or in the circumstance where a coupon, coupon code, or other bargain related discounts were applied to your Subscriptions, you may be required to pay the full discounted amount or full retail value of the products/services before it can be cancelled. For the exception of the immediately preceding sentence, when a cancellation is requested, there is no refund for any unused portion of the current Subscriptions. 


We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify, update, or replace these Additional Terms at any time and, in the event of such changes, shall take effect immediately upon its posting at this website. location.