When you’re already good, but want to be great.

Products designed to support homeostasis, balancing mood, and easing stress and anxiety.

When you need to energize without compromise.

Products designed for improving focus, and for boosting physical and mental stimulation.

When you’re no longer comfortable being uncomfortable.

Products designed for relief of localized aches and pains caused by inflammation or sore muscles.


Products designed to assist with sleep and relaxation.

Lab tested, verified and validated Logo
Lab Tested, Verified & Validated

With the help of an experienced FDA accredited lab, UPSY products are thoughtfully tested at different stages, verified, and validated to ensure our customers are getting the consistency, quality, and safety they deserve.

100% Organic Hemp Logo
Organic Ingredients

UPSY and its partners are committed to environmentally friendly, food safety farming systems that are free of any synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and GMOs.

Enhanced Solubility & Bioavailability

Leveraging the power of nano-technology commonly used within the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, and cosmetic industries, UPSY products are formulated for quick absorption to deliver maximum results.

Zero THC Logo
THC Free

Using only purified, organic, hemp-derived CBD, UPSY products promise to deliver zero THC, which means your mental state will not be altered in any way.

Made in USA Logo
Made in the USA

UPSY products are made using only domestically grown ingredients, including our hemp-derived CBD, and all of our formulations are prepared, tested, packaged and proudly distributed from the USA. 

100% Vegan Logo

UPSY is cruelty free and therefore our products are void of any animal ingredients, animal by-products, and free from animal testing as well.

Gluten Free Logo
Gluten Free

UPSY products are made using inherently gluten free ingredients which are formulated and packaged within gluten free environments.

Kosher Logo

UPSY products are made using plant-based ingredients that are inherently Kosher and are prepared in accordance to Jewish Dietary Laws.