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CBD: 101


CBD (or cannabidiol) is one of hundreds of active natural compounds found in the hemp plant. It is one of many active members of the Cannabinoid chemical family, which includes Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabichromene (CBC), Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and more. Each compound offers a unique benefit; CBD, one of the most diverse and widely used of the compounds, is believed to work with the body in a completely natural manner to address a spectrum of needs.


The Endocannabinoid System (or ECS) is found in a vast array of species; Humans, Dogs, Cats, Birds, Reptiles and more are known to have this network of receptors. The purpose of the ECS is simple, yet profound: it offers our bodies a support system that works towards improved overall health --- an opportunity to reach equilibrium, even when the day isn’t going your way. This is the system that allows endocannabinoids to do their work, and let the body know when it’s out of balance, and CBD works as a stimulant to the ECS to promote homeostasis (or stability) for your body.

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Cultivated to the highest standards, UPSY’s organic, hemp-derived CBD is extracted to a pure CBD isolate that is free of solvents, chemicals or pesticides. With the isolate, we’re now able to formulate UPSY products! We test and quality control at a partnering lab in New York, and once quality is assured, our products are ready for consumers like you.


How much you end up taking will depend on many factors, including the condition being addressed, body weight, natural chemistry, and the CBD delivery method being used. For good measure, always refer to and follow the clearly labeled directions.

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INGESTIBLE: Consumable as food or drink such as our ALIGN Balance Act CBD Beverage Blends

TOPICAL: Placed onto the skin with an applicator such as our SOOTHE Cool-Aid CBD Roll-On

SUBLINGUAL: Drops placed under the tongue & diffused into the bloodstream such as our ALIGN Balance Act CBD Tincture


A large concern to new and intermediate members of the CBD community is a product’s THC levels. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana that creates the “high sensation” upon consumption. This creates confusion as to how Hemp is different from Marijuana, since they are both a genus of the Cannabaceae Plant Family. “Hemp” refers to variations of the plant that contain little to no active THC (less than 0.3%), while “Marijuana” refers to variations with a higher percentage of active THC. Hemp-derived CBD, like the pure CBD isolate that UPSY uses in its products, does not result in the sensation of being high; traces of any non-CBD compounds are removed, ensuring a “Zero THC” end product.


Bioavailability refers to how much a substance is absorbed into the bloodstream after it has been introduced to the body. This means that the more CBD that is absorbed, the greater the effect. Thanks to two processes of nanotechnology (known as nano-emulsion and nano-encapsulation), the solubility of a substance is enhanced, greatly improving your body’s ability to absorb substances. For CBD products like UPSY, this means that you will receive the full potential of the CBD with optimal bioavailability. In relation to dosing, this means that you don’t have to overindulge to get the desired effect.


No, CBD will not get you high or alter your mental state in any manner. As mentioned above, CBD derived from hemp differs from THC. Given the proprietary method of creating our goods, all UPSY products are designed to contain “Zero THC.”


While pharmaceutical drugs are often developed to target particular bodily systems and provide particular effects, Mother Nature is not always so exacting. The effects of organic compounds can be many and can vary from person to person. Oftentimes herbal compounds can have both desired effects and unwanted effects. We call these unwanted effects adverse side effects. In order to determine if an effect is an adverse side effect, you need to know what the desired effects are. The effects which are desired by one user may not be desired by another user. Let’s look at an example of how CBD might work differently for different people. Some people use CBD oil in order to support a good night of rest but may also feel drowsiness during the day. If you want to feel awake during the day, as most do, feeling sleepy would be an unwanted side effect.


CBD ISOLATE: CBD can be isolated and purified. Pure CBD is known in the industry as CBD isolate. In their pure form, and at room temperature, cannabinoids are solid crystals. Purified cannabinoids are colorless and odorless. CBD isolate can be consumed directly or used as an additive in other preparations such as edibles and beverages.

FULL SPECTRUM: Raw PCR hemp extract contains terpenes as well as other cannabinoid compounds similar to CBD. Because it retains the natural balance of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the original plant, we refer to these products as full spectrum oils.

BROAD SPECTRUM: Broad spectrum CBD oil is very similar to a full spectrum oil. Full spectrum CBD oil, as we mentioned, retains the original concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes found in raw PCR hemp extract. Broad spectrum CBD oil also contains these concentrations of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes but has all trace amounts of THC extracted.