CBD Beverages: Rediscovering Happy Hour

CBD Beverage Blends | Rediscovering Happy Hour | UPSY Wellness

Summer is in full bloom. The barbecues are upon us. The block parties. The fun by the pool.

And if you’re over 21, what better way to celebrate the moment than with a refreshing, ice-cold… CBD beverage?

While your friends are knocking back beers and hard seltzer, you can tell them you’ve found a new “adult beverage” to enhance the afternoon: all-natural CBD. They might even want to try it. CBD beverages let you dodge the hangover and still make the most of the party.

But Will CBD Beverages Get You High?

Nope. CBD will not get you high. Unlike alcohol, CBD is non-intoxicating.

So why choose CBD as an alternative to alcohol? Alcohol might “drown your troubles,” but CBD has been shown to alleviate anxiety and bring you back to your most centered self. Rather than intoxicate your mind, CBD supports balance and mental clarity.

Research studies show — again and again — that CBD helps with social anxiety, which people often experience at parties. A lot of the time, social anxiety is the exact reason people are drinking, even if they don’t know it. Alcohol is a way to relax, let our guards down and connect with friends. It’s a depressant drug, but it’s also an anxiolytic like Xanax.

Many people think that cannabidiol will get you high. THC — CBD’s intoxicating cousin — causes the confusion and the “high” associated with cannabis. But never fear. CBD is an entirely different compound that does not cause intoxication, and the CBD products here at UPSY CBD Wellness are derived from THC-free hemp, not cannabis.

News Flash: Alcohol is a Neurotoxin

Booze might be culturally acceptable, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t destructive. Ethanol — more commonly referred to as alcohol — is a neurotoxin. Alcohol changes the structure and function of our brains. And it causes about 70,000 overdose deaths in the US every year.

Amongst all the other negative physical effects and dangers of alcohol (really, there are too many to list here), it actually makes us less able to connect with others. It clouds the mind and makes us moody. CBD, however, brings many of the anxiolytic benefits of alcohol without the drawbacks.

CBD Beverages with Caffeine

Now you’re talking! Caffeine — everybody’s favorite morning pick-me-up — pairs beautifully with CBD. CBD drinks for energy are ideally suited to summertime parties because it relaxes and enlivens all at once.

Yes, too much caffeine can be a bad thing. But a little caffeine improves blood flow in the brain and sharpens mental acuity.

UPSY Rocket Fuel CBD beverage blend combines purified CBD, caffeine, and focus-assisting theanine. Theanine is an amino acid found in tea — and it’s the perfect complement to CBD and caffeine for sustained energy without the jitters.

If you want the perfect stress-busting, non-intoxicating drink for your party, try UPSY Rocket Fuel Beverage Blend. Rocket Fuel comes in a go-anywhere powder packet that’s easy to use on the go. Simply mix it with water for a refreshing alcohol alternative that’s bursting with lemon flavor and natural, organic ingredients. (Rocker Fuel helps with that Monday afternoon energy lull too.)

Or, if you’re not a fan of caffeine, check out the UPSY Balance Act Beverage Blend. It has the ultra-purified CBD of Rocket Fuel without the extras. Same zesty lemon flavor. Same clear-minded CBD calm.

Why Getting the Best CBD Matters

Not all CBD is the same. In fact, not all CBD is CBD. Studies have shown that many CBD products don’t contain the amount of CBD promised on the label — or any CBD at all.

We here at UPSY want you to always know what you’re getting. That’s why we double test our CBD for accurate potency. First, we test our products in-house; then we work with a third-party laboratory to test again.

You’ll find a QR code on every box of UPSY CBD drink mixes. When you scan it with your phone, it pulls up the test results for that exact batch of product. That way you’re confident you’re getting the potent CBD relief you need.

Stock up for (sober) summer parties! UPSY CBD Rocket Fuel beverage blend makes the perfect sidekick for enlivened relaxation at your next party or anytime during your busy week.

Try UPSY Rocket Fuel now!

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