CBD for Allergies?

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Whether it’s pollen, puppies, or poppy seeds, allergens can be hard to avoid and difficult to deal with.

Seasonal allergy sufferers turn to antihistamine medications or even allergy injections for treatment, but most overlook CBD for allergy symptoms. Yes, that’s right — CBD for allergies.

But can CBD really work to stop the effects of allergens? It seems unlikely until you read the research. Here’s exactly how CBD could help with your allergies, and how to get started if you want to try it.

What Causes Allergies?

When your body is under attack from bacteria or viruses it has some crafty ways to fight back. Basically, it produces extra mucus to purge the invaders out as quickly as possible. Good job, body!

But sometimes the body overreacts to foreign particles that aren’t really a problem. If that’s the case — and if the foreign particles don’t pose a threat —  the allergic response is unnecessary (and miserable too). 

When it detects allergens, the immune system triggers a chain reaction, sending chemical signals to “mast cells” in your lungs, nose, and skin, telling them to release histamines. So what’s the result of activating mast cells? You guessed it: sneezing, coughing and watery eyes.

Is CBD an Anti-Histamine?

No, CBD is not an antihistamine. CBD works on a deeper level.

A 2005 study showed that CBD can suppress the signaling of mast cells. That means the mast cells can’t trigger histamine release or the allergic response. And it means you don’t need to take unnatural pharmaceuticals to get relief!

By contrast, antihistamines block the histamine receptors — not the release of the histamines themselves. When the receptors are blocked, the histamines cannot activate the inflammatory response.

CBD is an Anti-Inflammatory

Cannabinoids like CBD are generally immunosuppressive. Hence, CBD mediates immune responses like inflammation, especially when those immune responses get out of control — like during an allergy attack.

When the body experiences damage or pathogens, inflammation widens the blood vessels around the affected area to let in more blood flow and immune cells. That’s exactly what’s happening in the case of allergies — the lining of the throat and nasal passages are inflamed.

So — if you’re taking CBD for allergies — you get the bonus of generalized inflammation effects too. Less inflammation can be helpful for joint pain, headaches, and a host of other maladies.

How to Take CBD for Allergies

Some CBD products may support allergies better than others. In fact, some CBD products work better all around.

UPSY Balance Act tinctures are formulated with a special type of CBD that’s pharmaceutically enhanced for better, quicker absorption. Balance Act’s “nano-emulsified” CBD molecules are smaller, and that means they’re absorbed more easily on a cellular level. They enter the bloodstream more quickly for fast relief and stay there longer, at higher concentrations.

Simply place UPSY Balance Act tincture under your tongue and enjoy its light mint flavor for a few moments before swallowing. That gives the tincture a moment to absorb through the blood vessels of your mouth before it enters digestion.

Start with a 5 mg dose of CBD twice daily for allergies. Increase your dose gradually until you experience the support you need. Most people find 15 mg twice a day is best for allergies.

Get the Best CBD

Regardless of the CBD brand you choose, make sure to find a lab-tested product. Inferior CBD tinctures may contain pesticides, solvents, or dangerous heavy metals.

In-house testing is great (we test all our products at UPSY) but your CBD should be double-tested by an outside, third-party laboratory. They will provide a Certificate of Analysis that your CBD manufacturer should be able to share with you if you ask.

Every UPSY product has a QR code so you can see the Certificate of Analysis right from your phone. That way, you always know you’re getting the potent CBD you need without any of the extras.

Ready to try CBD for allergies? Click here to check out Balance Act tincture. It’s the perfect sidekick for allergy season and year-round CBD support.

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