CBD for an Anxious World


It’s not just you. Anxiety is an epidemic. About 19% of people in the US have an anxiety disorder, and COVID didn't help. In 2020, anxiety diagnoses rose 634%.

CBD isn’t a panacea but an increasing number of sufferers are turning to CBD for anxiety. Unlike prescription drugs, CBD is non-intoxicating and non-addictive.

If you’re trying CBD for anxiety, here are a few questions you should worry about when selecting a product.

Does CBD Work for Anxiety?

In brief, yes — CBD is an effective support for people suffering from anxiety. The Journal of the American Pharmacists Association published a multi-study review that dropped the mic, concluding that “CBD consistently demonstrates improved clinical outcomes in anxiety disorders.” 

However, everyone is different, and some people get more benefit from CBD than others. You’ll need to conduct some empirical research and try CBD for yourself ;-) 

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Will CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

Never fear, CBD won’t cause you to test positive on a drug test but, unfortunately, some CBD products contain more than CBD. They have trace amounts of THC too. THC is the intoxicating compound in marijuana — and what employers test for on a drug test.

Most CBD products come from hemp, not marijauna. Hemp doesn’t contain much (if any) THC, but the THC can become concentrated during the production process. 

If your CBD is labeled as “full-spectrum,” it may cause you to fail a drug test. Full-spectrum products contain all of the hemp extracts. Some consumers desire full-spectrum CBD tinctures but, if you’re suffering from anxiety, THC is the last thing you want.

UPSY products are made from CBD isolate. CBD isolate is just that — isolated CBD and absolutely nothing else. We do not use THC-containing ingredients in our formulations, and we test repeatedly to double- and triple check.

Is My CBD Real?

Maybe. CBD is a new product and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t proactively regulated CBD products. That’s led to a lot of fraudulent or poorly manufactured products.

The FDA’s first survey of the CBD market showed that many products contain less or more CBD than the labeled quantity, and some contain no CBD at all! While this isn’t a worrisome health problem, the chance of being cheated by unscrupulous CBD manufacturers is very real.

Good manufacturers test their products to make sure the dosing is on-target. We believe they should go further, and that’s why we test each batch of our CBD in house and at an outside laboratory. Then, we make those test results available to you.

Every UPSY tincture has a QR code that lets you check the results for yourself. Just aim your phone’s camera at the package to pull up the official Certificate of Analysis from that exact batch of tincture 

Is CBD Toxic?

No, CBD is not toxic. But CBD products can contain toxins if you’re not careful. 

The hemp plant is a natural bioaccumulator — it pulls up a wide range of compounds from the soil. If there are heavy metals in the soil such as lead and cadmium, those chemicals can end up in your CBD. 

Many farmers use pesticides on their hemp crops to prevent pests and pathogens. This might help them avoid crop loss, it can have negative effects for you, the consumer. Pesticides can become concentrated during the CBD extraction process, and build up to dangerous levels.

We only work with US-grown hemp from licensed, organic farms. It’s the only way to avoid pesticides. And just to be doubly certain, all our products are tested for pesticides and heavy metals.

CBD for Anxiety & More

The benefits of CBD go beyond anxiety relief. CBD fans report better sleep, pain relief, and improved overall well-being.

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