CBD for Relaxation When You Can't Slow Down

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If you could walk away from your day-to-day routine to a stress-free paradise, would you?

Think twice. Your busyness probably gives your life a lot of meaning — whether it comes from your kids or your career, or both.

What we need in our hectic modern lives isn’t a blissed-out paradise; it’s balance — and maybe a little CBD for relaxation.

Research tells us that CBD for stress management can help us get back on track without abandoning all our responsibilities to our families, friends, or careers.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol — otherwise known as CBD — is a natural compound that comes from hemp. Unlike its cousin, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not cause intoxication. Instead, it works with our bodies to naturally restore balance.

CBD for Relaxation: How It Works

CBD isn’t a strange, synthesized chemical that we put into our bodies to numb our feelings. It’s natural. In fact, our bodies are already “hard-wired” for CBD.

That’s right — our bodies and brains are chemically predesigned for hemp, and they even have special receptors that work only with hemp-like compounds.

In fact, our bodies produce their own natural CBD-like chemicals. Collectively, these natural chemicals and their receptors are known as the endocannabinoid system or ECS.

The ECS enables our other bodily systems (digestive, immune, etc.) to communicate with each other for regulation. When the CBD-like molecules in our bodies are plentiful and our ECS is healthy, we have what we need for holistic balance.

If you wanted to oversimplify how CBD works for relaxation, you could say “when CBD fits in the CBD receptor, we feel balanced and relaxed.” But research tells us the mechanism is more complex, even if the effect is much the same.

What Research Says About CBD for Anxiety

It’s hard to test CBD for relaxation in a laboratory setting. After all, “relaxation” means something different to everybody. CBD research is easier when study participants have stress conditions like anxiety or PTSD. These acute conditions are easier to measure and observe.

In these studies, researchers have found that CBD significantly reduces social anxiety and causes changes in brain activity that correspond with decreased stress. And CBD has been shown to interact with serotonin receptors and neurochemical receptors related to stress.

The Best CBD for Relaxation and Stress

At UPSY, we believe the best CBD product is the one that goes with you anywhere and stays by your side as a loyal sidekick. And that’s why we made UPSY Balance Act Beverage Blend packets.

We humbly believe Balance Act is the best choice for holistic CBD balance because it’s backed by science and always laboratory-tested. Each batch of Balance Act CBD Beverage Blend is tested by our team to ensure its purity and potency and then tested again by an outside lab. It’s the only way to know you’re getting the right amount of CBD and none of the extras (like THC).

Yes, Your Body Can Absorb This CBD

Here’s a little-known secret: CBD isn’t very “bioavailable.” That means when you take CBD, not much of it goes to work in your body or brain; most of it — more than 80% — is excreted as waste.

UPSY Balance Act solves the problem by using proven pharmaceutical technology. Because so much of the CBD we take is destroyed by stomach acids, we designed Balance Act beverages with nano-encapsulated CBD.

Nano-encapsulation creates a protective coating around the CBD molecule so it can get through our stomachs and into our lower digestive system where it’s more fully absorbed. When the CBD can bypass the stomach acids, you get the relief and balance you need. In essence, Balance Act gives you CBD relaxation like no other CBD you’ve tried before.

Ready to Relax?

We believe that Balance Act is the world’s best and most bioavailable CBD. It tastes great too, with natural lemon and organic cane sugar. So if you’re ready to try CBD for relaxation, pick up some UPSY Balance Act Beverage Blend packets today.


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