CBD for Sports Recovery

Gezary Matuda using UPSY Cool-Aid roll-on

Could CBD help athletes and weekend warriors perform better? A groundswell of research is telling us the answer is “yes” — but not in the ways you might expect.

It’s true that CBD supports restful sleep. And good sleep is crucial for peak performance. But CBD works on a more fundamental level by combatting exercise-induced inflammation.

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation can be a good or bad thing for athletes. The difference depends on the cause of the inflammation and how long it lasts. Short-term inflammation, which is one of the body’s responses to a health threat, is helpful.

Inflammation Pros

  • Increases blood flow
  • Helps promote healing
  • Acts against invading microbes and toxins

However, when inflammation becomes chronic and lasts for more than a few days, it begins damaging the body, breaking down tissue on a cellular level. In fact, most age-related diseases are caused by inflammation.

Inflammations Cons

  • Damages tissues, blood vessels and joints
  • Leads to conditions like heart disease, arthritis and diabetes
  • Slows athletic recovery

Athletes often incur small injuries that trigger the healthy response of inflammation. Yet with intense training regimens, the inflammatory response can quickly become chronic and cause long-term soreness, damage, and compromised performance.

Fighting Back: CBD for Inflammation

Most people with sore muscles reach for aspirin or ibuprofen to deal with inflammation. Yet non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) — like aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen — can cause kidney and liver problems with chronic use.

CBD is a proven alternative. Research shows CBD lowers the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines which are the primary drivers of inflammation. Other research concludes that cannabinoids like CBD are a “potent treatment modality against inflammatory disorders.”

Try CBD for Muscle Soreness and Recovery

We here at UPSY have developed what we humbly believe is the best CBD sports balm in the whole darn world. And we’d love for you to try it.

Our SOOTHE Cool-Aid Roll-On CBD combines potent CBD with powerful menthol, arnica, and 19 other botanical ingredients. The roll-on application leaves no greasy residue — just soothing relief. And unlike NSAIDs, the body doesn’t build up a tolerance to CBD. You don’t need to keep using more to get the same effect.

 Sometimes the best research is trying it for yourself — discover the UPSY SOOTHE Cool-Aid CBD Roll-On now.

Topical CBD: Absorption Matters

Most people are familiar with oral CBD products. These products — like drinks and tinctures — absorb into our bodies better than topical CBD because our digestive systems are better at taking in nutrients and plant compounds.

Topical CBD works differently. It concentrates the CBD treatment to a particular area for maximum relief where it hurts. But it’s a little less bioavailable.

That’s why topical CBD needs enhanced bioavailability. And that’s why we process our CBD using special pharmaceutical techniques.

For the SOOTHE Cool-Aid Roll-On,  we use nano-emulsified CBD isolate. Nano-emulsification is a proven technology that pharmaceutical companies utilize to make oil and water mix together. When oily compounds (like CBD) mix with water, our bodies can absorb them more readily.

The nano-emulsified SOOTHE Cool-Aid Roll-On penetrates deeper through the skin and into sore muscles and soft tissue. The result? Enhanced anti-inflammatory relief (with an extra kick from the menthol and arnica).

But Will CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

Competitive athletes may be subject to random drug tests. If that’s your situation, never fear. Pure CBD will not cause you to fail a drug test.

However, if your CBD product is labeled as “full-spectrum,” it can cause a positive result on a THC drug test, which is a very negative thing for serious athletes. Full-spectrum products contain unrefined CBD extract from low-THC hemp. Some consumers prefer a little THC, but if you’re a serious athlete, chances are you don’t.

All UPSY products are made with CBD isolate. Just like the name sounds, CBD isolate is isolated CBD; there are no other plant compounds in our starting material — only pure, research-grade CBD.

Other Benefits of CBD for Athletes

All athletes experience pre-game jitters, and CBD is proven to reduce anxiety. That’s why many are turning to oral CBD such as UPSY ALIGN Balance Act.

Mixed-martial arts fighters are big proponents of CBD. They claim it calms their nerves in the hours before a big fight without dulling their senses or reaction times.

The oral CBD formulations that athletes use to stay calm have anti-inflammatory effects, too. In fact, most of the research about CBD and inflammation uses oral dosing as the administration method. Oral CBD works systemically through all parts of the body.

While topical CBD brings deep inflammation relief to one area, oral CBD gives you moderate relief throughout the entire body. Together, they can help you recover from the gym quicker and achieve your fitness goals sooner.

Try UPSY CBD if you’re training for your next marathon — or if you just want to ease sore muscles after a long day’s hike. Both topical and oral products work to that end. Whether you choose oral or topical product, CBD can help you recover faster and perform your best.

Try the SOOTHE Cool-Aid CBD Roll-On

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Featured Athlete: Gezary Matuda: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Black Belt Competitor • 
5x World Champion • Coach at American Top Team

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