Safe, Effective, and Trusted: The Science of the Cool-Aid CBD Roll-On

Man using UPSY Cool-Aid roll-on, safe and trusted CBD product to keep you in the game

Pinched nerves. Inflammation. Sore muscles. Pain exists in many forms, and while the diagnosis can become a guessing game, finding the perfect product for relief shouldn’t be; That’s why UPSY created the Soothe Cool-Aid CBD Roll-On.


UPSY’s cooling roll-on has 500mg of CBD and a nourishing botanical blend of essential oils, with ingredients that you already know, trust, and can pronounce. These ingredients are listed prominently on our website. 


What won’t you see? To your benefit, Cool-Aid is free of lidocaine. A common active ingredient in the leading pain-relief brands, lidocaine is a numbing agent that offers temporary relief by preventing the transmission of information through sensory nerve cells. Instead of addressing the cause of pain, lidocaine “tricks” the body into thinking the pain isn’t there, and that it’s gone away; of course, that isn’t the case, and the sensation of pain and soreness returns after the effects of lidocaine wears off. 


Why do they do it? Many of the leading companies shamefully aren’t looking to offer sustainable relief; if the relief was sustainable, you wouldn’t need to buy more, and more, and more. Even more significant are the limitations of application; a product with lidocaine may only be used four times in a day before lidocaine causes some adverse effects like dizziness and nausea. UPSY would rather address the pain at the source, without any of these messy side effects, and by developing Cool-Aid, we’ve done just that.


We designed the Cool-Aid CBD Roll-On with relief in mind --- relief that you’ve found the right product, and relief from any pain-inducing ailments. UPSY’s cooling CBD roll-on is a nourishing botanical blend of essential oils, with ingredients that you already know, trust, and can pronounce. Also significant to the roll-on is it’s cooling menthol --- a level of menthol that is 2X MORE than the leading brand, making for an instant & long lasting cooling effect to calm your pain receptors. 


Menthol --- and other all-natural ingredients in our unique blend --- are part of an ensemble cast that support Cool-Aid’s shining star of sustainable pain relief: Pure Isolate Liposomal Nano CBD --- a version of Cannabidiol that allows for easier absorption into the body, less wasted product (thanks to nanoemulsion),  and faster & more sustainable relief for joint inflammation and sore muscles.


With it’s unique botanical blend that’s absolutely free of lidocaine, Cool-Aid works fast to target pain and relieve pain receptors with a cool, refreshing sensation. Use as many times as necessary throughout the day to support pain relief, rather than masking the pain (like many of the leading brands are guilty of). Immediate relief is the name of the game, and none of that would have been possible without UPSY’s thoughtful testing and retesting of products. We went through the pain of a rigorous testing process so that you, our customers, wouldn’t have to.


You deserve relief. Shop now, and see why the Cool-Aid CBD Roll-On is the best affordable CBD topical for when you’re no longer comfortable being uncomfortable. 

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