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Mother’s Day is a special day. One dedicated to demonstrating your gratitude for the maternal figures in your life. Whether it’s your mom, aunt, grandma, wife, or all of the above, how we honor and celebrate these amazing women is important. But, in the wake of COVID-19 which has called for us to remain socially distant from many of our loved ones, you may be scratching your head on how best to capture your love for Mom. Don’t fret. Remember, the connections we have with the Moms in our lives runs deep, so take comfort in knowing she will appreciate even the smallest of gestures and, to help you in your brainstorming process, the UPSY Team has come up with a few ideas for you. 


Yard Chores

The Mom in your life has probably done her share of gardening, pruning, planting, watering, and cutting. Kindly give her a break this time. Mother’s Day arrives exactly when all the greenery starts to appear and sometimes it emerges in a bit of an unwieldy fashion. The time is right to start the yard maintenance. Plus, as an added bonus, managing all that beauty in the garden will burn some calories.

Call, Like Really Call

If you’re typically inclined to a quick phone call, this year (and every year from this point on) plan for a meaningful conversation. Make yourself comfortable, brew yourself some coffee and talk with Mom. Reminisce. Share stories. Have a good laugh. Ask the kids to join in on the discussion and, if possible, use video. Although hearing your voice is just enough, seeing your face will mean more than anything in the world her.

In-home Scavenger Hunt

Mom has had a lot of responsibilities, but this is your chance to be the host of something big and important. Fewer activities are more engaging than a scavenger hunt. Have fun and get creative. Hide clues around the house; each one leading to another. Make it an all-day event and, when she finally reaches the last clue, surprise her with a personal, homemade gift (see some ideas below).

Backyard Picnic

After being cooped-up inside for what feels like a lifetime, who wouldn’t enjoy a nice, casual meal outside? Crafting some tasty sandwiches only takes a few simple ingredients and when it comes to the side dishes, well… the deli can help with that too. Fresh air. Good company. Great memories. Perhaps some games. What Mom wouldn’t love that!

Write a Poem

An original poem, long or short, is a heartfelt way to demonstrate your gratitude with a person you share a strong bond with. Whether your poem takes the form of a sonnet, haiku, limerick, or an ode to Mother, yours doesn’t have to be the maudlin verse of a store-bought card. Let your humor shine. It’s still a good time to laugh and Mom probably could use it.

Homemade Cards and Handwritten Letters

In this day in age, sending invitations, birthday wishes or warm greetings via post has become obsolete, but we think it’s a great time to start doing it again. Hone in on your arts & crafts skills and make Mom a homemade card. If making a card isn’t well… in the cards, there are plenty of websites where you can download one and print it. You can also just simply handwrite her a thank you note or, as previously mentioned, a poem.


Send Her Flowers

Yes, this is traditional, but there’s nothing wrong with that during these odd times. Keep in mind, you still have opportunity to be imaginative here. Maybe the flowers are from your own garden or, if you’re super crafty, handmade using stock paper and wire pipe-cleaners. Invite the kids to join in and make it a family affair and, don’t forget, the best flowers come with a note!


Gratitude Video

Pre-record a special message or pull together some photos that can be pieced together as a video for Mom. If you have siblings, ask them to join in too. It doesn’t take an editing wizard to do this. Nowadays, many phones have apps that can help you create one in minutes. A thoughtful slideshow will last a lifetime and, undoubtably, pull at Mom’s heartstrings.


Drive-by Parade

    Just a few months ago a drive-by parade would have been the strangest thing to happen in the neighborhood, but now… not so much. With just a little bit of planning, these spectacles are an easy way to brightened-up Mom’s day. Invite your siblings, other family and friends. Schedule a time and meeting location. Make some signs, decorate your cars, and choose a song. Call Mom right before the brigade of cars is set to drive by and ask her to come outside. Surprise!


    Scrapbooks or Traditional Photo Album

      With photos going completely digital, those floral covered, coffee table albums have become a thing of the past. It’s unfortunate too… they were great conversation-starters. Let’s bring them back. Besides, what Mom doesn’t like taking a walk down memory lane and sharing her recollections of each of those moments. And, what Mom doesn’t like putting those amazing moments on display for others to see. Have fun with this one and make sure you take those memories back (way back).


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