Does CBD Work for Stress?

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Work. Traffic. Parenting. Email. These days, it seems like stressors follow us everywhere we go.

And while stress may be “normal” in the modern world, pushing through day-to-day stress can have some surprising consequences. You might expect headaches and indigestion, but chronic stress can also trigger high blood pressure and heart disease.

These days, millions of people are taking CBD for stress. They say CBD is an easy, natural way to get back in balance — and researchers are hopeful it may be an effective treatment.

But does CBD really work for stress? And is it right for you?

The Research: CBD for Stress Relief & More

Its a fact. Dozens of studies have confirmed CBDs benefits for stress-related mental health conditions. And if CBD works for serious conditions like PTSD and anxiety disorders, it probably works for stress too.

Researchers have documented significantly decreased subjective anxiety”  in human subjects affected by severe social anxiety. Thats scientist-speak for the participants felt less anxious.”

And that same study also examined the biology of social anxiety and CBD. Using MRI technology, researchers observed changes in brain blood flow that confirmed what the participants already knew: they felt more relaxed.

Most studies — like the one above — show what CBD does when people take it once. Long-term CBD use is more difficult to study in the lab. Yet some research has shown that CBD may help with stress when taken daily. The only issue is the structure of these studies…

Is CBD a Treatment for Stress?

Clinical trials have yet to confirm that CBD is a proven treatment for stress. Many CBD fans say it works wonders, but researchers have not conducted side-by-side trials — that means they havent tested CBD against a placebo.

Most of the evidence for how CBD helps with stress is anecdotal; the research comes from real people.

What Real People Are Saying About Chronic Stress & CBD

Scientific researchers always hesitate to make clinical declarations, but consumers arent so shy. They rave about the benefits of CBD.

For some word-of-mouth proof, just check out the reviews of our ALIGN Balance Act CBD. ALIGN Balance Act beverages and tinctures have the research-grade CBD you need to keep your stress in check and life in balance.

 "I tried the balance act packet and it was amazing I felt so relaxed and calm. I was able tot relax and have a good night's sleep the next morning I woke up feeling great and refreshed, definitely top quality level CBD!"
-Stephen M


"I tried the Mint flavor CBD drops in 1000 mg and I absolutely love them! The mint taste is not to much it almost reminds me of a minty candy just not as minty in taste. The drops really help me mellow out and focus on whatever it is I'm doing. 10/10 would recommend these are the best CBD drops I've tried!!"

-Brittany C 

Most people who try Balance Act report immediate short-term relief. Thats probably because UPSY Balance Act is formulated to be more bioavailable than other products.

But the benefits of CBD are cumulative too. A daily regimen of CBD at a predetermined dose supports the bodys endocannabinoid system, leading to a feeling of balance and wellbeing.

How to Find the Best CBD Products

If you hear anyone say CBD doesnt work,” dont believe them.

Many people whove tried CBD” actually haven’t tried CBD. Theyve taken a product that didnt have the advertised amount of CBD; there are far too many of those on the market. In fact, some products dont have any CBD at all!

But when you find the real thing — actual, verified, research-grade CBD — youll discover the same anxiety relief as the research participants.

Your CBD should be lab-tested for purity and potency by a third-party laboratory — not just the manufacturer alone.

With UPSY ALIGN Balance Act, youll find a QR code on every box. To double-check the contents, simply scan the code with your smart device. Youll see the lab results for the exact product youre holding in your hand.

Ready to Try CBD for Stress?

Check out UPSY Balance Act CBD beverages. The go-anywhere drink packets are perfect for the hectic pace of your day. Just mix them with water for a zesty, lemon boost.

Or if you want simplicity, try UPSY Balance Act CBD tincture. The calibrated dropper makes dosing easy, especially when you need powerful relief from a concentrated product.

Discover Balance Act CBD today. 

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