Flying with CBD

Traveling with UPSY CBD beverage blends

CBD is the perfect companion for air travel. It can help relieve the stress that comes when changing planes, losing your luggage, or waiting endlessly at Chicago O’Hare.

But is it legal to take CBD on a plane?

The answer is “yes,” but you should do a little research before boarding an aircraft with your favorite CBD product. There are special regulations and legal gray areas to consider.

Here’s everything you should know about CBD and air travel:

Is it Legal to Take CBD on a Plane?

Some CBD products are legal to take on a plane; others are not. If your CBD is labeled as “full-spectrum,” do not take it with you.

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains THC, the intoxicating compound in marjuana. And many full-spectrum products contain significant amounts of THC. Needless to say, THC cannot come with you on your air-travel vacation!

Even if you’re traveling between two states where marijuana is legal, bringing THC-containing CBD products on a plane is a no-no.

That’s because air travel is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The security officials at the airport enforce federal law, and they don’t care if THC is legal according to state law.

TSA says you can take CBD on a plane — but only if it contains less than 0.3% THC.

Full-spectrum CBD often contains more than 0.3% THC, so you should only travel with THC-free CBD products such as those from UPSY. They’re lab-tested and 100% THC-free.

Traveling Internationally with CBD

An international destination with beautiful beaches and daiquiris can double your relaxation, but it might give you reason to stress too.

Some countries have partial restrictions on CBD, or have banned CBD products altogether. And while the likelihood of getting busted with a single bottle of CBD is low, you may want to leave it at home.

A language barrier can complicate your experience at the airport, and if customs agents see you’re carrying CBD, they may be confused about it’s legality or mistake it for THC. It may be very hard to explain what CBD is if you don’t speak the language.

What Else to Know When Traveling with CBD

The same rules that apply to shampoo also apply to CBD. You can only take CBD into the cabin if the package is less than 3.5 ounces in volume. And if you’re checking CBD in your bag, it may leak during the trip.

The cargo area of a plane is not pressurized like the cabin. At 30,000 feet, the pressure is very low. The low pressure can cause bottles of shampoo, sunscreen — and CBD — to pop open.

Make sure to seal your CBD tightly if you’re putting it in your checked luggage, and place it in a plastic bag. Better yet, take it with you in your carry-on to avoid the risk.

Also avoid taking CBD vape pens on your trip. Vape pens are associated with THC — not CBD — and that means TSA agents may mistake your innocent CBD pen for an illegal drug.

Does Your CBD Contain THC?

Some CBD oils have more than 0.3% CBD. In fact, studies show that many of the full-spectrum CBD products on the market contain much, much more than the legal limit of 0.3% THC.

The only way to know if your CBD has THC is to have it tested by a laboratory. But that’s a little impractical for most folks, and the majority of CBD companies don’t let you see the results of any lab testing that went on.

UPSY products are always tested to make sure they’re THC-free, and we’ve come up with a great way for you to double-check the THC content for yourself.

First, we test for THC while we’re making the products. Then we test again when we’re done.

Finally, we send our finished CBD to a third-party laboratory to triple-confirm there’s no THC, pesticides, or other harmful substances.

How to Double-Check THC Content for Yourself

All UPSY products come with a QR code on the package. When you scan it with your phone, it takes you straight to the laboratory results for that exact batch of product.

You’ll know for sure that the bottle of CBD you’re holding in your hand contains absolutely no THC — and that it’s 100% legal for domestic air travel.

The easy-to-scan QR code is super helpful if TSA agents are questioning whether you can take your CBD on the plane. You can prove — right there in the security line — that your UPSY product does not have THC and is legal to take on the plane.


We’re proud to offer a full line of airplane-friendly CBD products. Everything we make is 100% THC-free and packaged in TSA-friendly quantities of less than 3.5 ounces.

Have you checked out our UPSY Beverage Blends? They might just be the perfect CBD for your next journey. Unlike bottled CBD drinks, these handy drink-mix packets are easy to bring through the TSA checkpoint.

Just throw a few packets in your bag and mix them with water whenever you need CBD support. And rest assured they won’t leak inside your bag like a bottle of tincture or a pre-mixed beverage.

Try UPSY Rocket Fuel CBD Beverage Blend when you need sustained energy without the crash of coffee. Rocket Fuel has a calibrated mix of focus-enhancing caffeine and natural theanine for better focus. It’s the perfect mix for kicking jet lag.

Try UPSY Balance Act CBD Beverage Blend if you want the ultimate in CBD purity. Balance Act Beverage Blend is a natural formulation of lemon, organic cane sugar, and CBD — without any THC or additives. Just pure, THC-free relaxation.

Book your tickets, grab some UPSY, and travel safely!


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