Honestly, Honesty is our Strategy

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We think of transparency as a window - one that is two-sided so that we may look out, while others are able to look in. To the best of our ability, that window stays open.
You may see the line “Honestly, Honesty is our Strategy” somewhere on our website and our products. You might see that and think “well, that’s a tall order.” And you’re right, it is. 
We don’t blame you for thinking that. For as many companies that commit themselves to being informative and fully transparent… the transparency is quick to falter, especially when the prospect of large profits loom over any industry (especially a growing industry like CBD Wellness). 
We want to be honest about our products. Like really honest. For real. 
When it comes to testing, we’re looking for some distinct answers to questions like: Are our products consistent? Do our products contain the advertised amount of CBD? Are our products safe, and free of contaminated heavy metals? What impact do our products have on the environment? We know the answers to these questions, but we seek outside counsel from trusted professionals, just in case mistakes were made in the production process.
When UPSY  sends out its products to be tested, we’re not sending it to just any company. We’re sending our products to Founders Lab, an FDA accredited testing lab, who rigorously test and retest our products to ensure they are consistently safe and high quality. The result is exactly what you get: a superior CBD product.
These multiple, thorough CBD tests delve deeply into product safety. Any product sold should be exactly as intended, and we’re thankful to have the Founders Lab to ensure just that by testing for potency, consistency in flavor and quantity, and to be sure that our products are free of harmful chemicals, additives, or heavy metals. But we go further than product safety; these tests also audit the environmental factors of business development to ensure our product is as sustainable as possible --- CBD is plant-derived, and so it is in our best interest to make sure it is sustainably produced, and doesn’t interfere with our environment. 
You’ll find a lot more information on our products, and their testing, at Upsy.com. When being honest, actions speak louder than words… but since words are also action, we’ll put our best work forward to keep you --- our most valued customers --- informed on company operations.
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