Our Thanks to the New-Age Heroes

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Unprecedented – a word we’ve heard a lot lately. When used to reference the innovations of Tesla or a post-holiday sale at Best Buy, it has a pretty good connotation. But, when used in the context of a pandemic, not so much.
Truth is, COVID-19 is scary and from the beginning it has forced us to make some pretty tough choices – economically, emotionally, physically, and socially. It has forced us to give a little more and take a little less. And, undoubtedly, it has forced us to be patient. Now, as we cautiously inch ourselves back towards normalcy, it’s hard not to reflect on everything we’ve been through together.
It’s almost unbelievable, when you really think about it, how in one impactful way or another, a virus made its way into everyone’s home. But, if this experience proved anything, it’s that we can all rely on each other to push through difficult times. So, despite everything – everything we’ve been through together - we are incredibly grateful to have gone through them with you.
To our fellow Housebound Heroes, you were asked to temporarily forfeit some of your liberties - to stay home and remain socially distant. To abandon routines, interests, and hobbies. To postpone holidays, traditions, and celebrations. To close your business, stop going to work or, for many others, pull double duty working full-time from home while helping educate your children. A true balance act, but you selflessly did it because you knew it meant saving lives. Thank you.
To our Essential and Frontline Heroes, along with adjusting to a new life at home, you were summoned to fearlessly provide essential societal services. To take on additional stresses, responsibilities, and shifts. To learn and adhere to new safety measures at work while being given very little protective equipment yourself. To change your child’s childcare, sort out their education and, lest we forget, take significantly greater precautions at home in order to maintain some peace of mind for your family. You were the rocket fuel that kept us all moving forward and you selflessly did it because you knew it meant saving lives. Thank you.
Each of you deserve credit for helping us all get to this point. You made a tough choice to make a difference in your own life so that you could make a difference in the lives of many others. It’s truly comforting to know you’re out there and encouraging to know that we can rely on each other…  especially during “unprecedented” times.

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