The Science of CBD Part 1 - CBD, Science & Your Body

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What is CBD? How does CBD work with the body? What are cannabinoids and endocannabinoids? And what do researchers have to say about how CBD works?

In recent years, cannabidiol — otherwise known as CBD — has made big news. Millions of children, adults, and pets have tried using hemp-based CBD, and researchers are just as excited as consumers; hundreds of studies have shown the positive ways that CBD influences our health. 

Even though researchers have documented more than 100 cannabis compounds, called cannabinoids, there’s still a lot to learn about how cannabis interacts with our bodies. Ironically, the research is difficult because cannabinoids are so important — they work with multiple body systems and have complex, interrelated effects. We do, however, know that the body is hardwired for cannabinoids and that they’re critical to our health.


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