The Truth About the “CBD Entourage Effect”


If you’re a CBD connoisseur, you’ve probably heard a popular rumor: some people say the best CBD products have a little THC in them too. They say you need a” full spectrum” of hemp compounds for CBD to work.

Here at UPSY, we beg to differ. And so too does a wealth of scientific research. You don’t need the intoxicant THC to get the benefits of CBD!

In fact, THC can interfere with CBD’s therapeutic outcomes and cause you to fail a drug test. Here’s the real story about CBD and the so-called “entourage effect” caused by THC.

What is the “Entourage Effect”?

Hemp contains many compounds besides CBD. So it’s understandable that some people say CBD is more beneficial when it’s consumed with an “entourage” of plant chemicals. These chemicals include aromatic terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. (Cannabinoids are unique chemicals found in cannabis and hemp.)

For people who want to get high, the “entourage effect” holds some truth; the other chemicals in cannabis play an important role in modulating the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Because without some CBD and other cannabinoids in the mix, THC can cause serious anxiety.

CBD, in particular, has been shown to temper the effects of THC and improve the “high” of cannabis products. So in one way, the entourage effect is a valid theory.

However, the theory doesn’t hold true when the roles of the CBD and THC are reversed. For people wanting the benefits of CBD, THC does not enhance the outcome. The intoxicating cannabinoid plays no role in the common benefits of CBD, such as anxiety relief.

How CBD Works Without THC

Most CBD research has been performed with only CBD — without any THC present. That’s because scientists prefer to test one thing at a time. It’s an important part of the scientific method. Otherwise, it’d be impossible to tell which compound had which effect.

So, in the hundreds of studies documenting the benefits of CBD, scientists have used CBD isolate. CBD isolate is purified CBD without any other plant compounds. It’s simply the CBD and nothing but.

These studies show that CBD — alone, without THC — may support the immune system, reduce anxiety and the fear of public speaking, stop inflammation signaling, relieve pain, and reduce insomnia. It’s a long list of benefits — all achieved without the use of THC.

For human studies, researchers have been especially careful about avoiding THC for two reasons. First, intoxication affects the ability of participants to report subjective results, such as anxiety reduction.

The second reason is patient health. In studies of serious medical conditions such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), intoxication can complicate existing health conditions and impact the patients well-being.

The Problem with “Full-Spectrum CBD”
Any full-spectrum CBD product may or may not have THC in the bottle. Sometimes it’s a lot of THC, sometimes it’s a little, but the words “full-spectrum” on the label tell an often-troubling story.

Full-spectrum CBD is a simplistic product made with simplistic techniques. The manufacturers extract the plant compounds with oil, alcohol, or another solvent, and bottle it. As you might expect, the results of such methods are always “full-spectrum;” there’s no way for those producers to control what extracts out of the plant.

These rudimentary ways of producing CBD have hit-and-miss outcomes. The potency of the CBD can vary widely from batch to batch. (The Food and Drug Administration has documented the widespread problem of mislabeled CBD potency resulting from such methods.)

Full-spectrum CBD can also make users feel drowsy and — of course — cause failed drug tests. If the product has enough THC, it can even cause intoxication.

Our THC-Free Approach to CBD

At UPSY, we start where the other companies left off. We take that organic CBD oil and distill it into a CBD isolate. Then we apply a little pharmaceutical magic…

We enhance UPSY CBD isolate with a proven pharmaceutical technique called nano-emulsification. It makes the CBD more bioavailable and makes it work faster, longer, and better.

As it is, our bodies don’t absorb much of the CBD oil we consume. Our bodies are mostly water, and CBD is an oil. However, by reducing the size of the CBD molecules and bonding them with lipid molecules, we can make CBD more easily absorbed and more effective. That’s when things get interesting.

The UPSY Entourage

Our team at UPSY has created a new type of “entourage effect” without the THC. By combining purified CBD isolate with other botanicals, we enhanced the benefits of CBD to meet all your wellness needs — from sore-muscle relief to stress management.

UPSY Cool-Aid CBD Roll-On

Our topical CBD sports stick is CBD combined with menthol and more than twenty other powerful ingredients including arnica, lavender, and basil. Nano-emulsification increases the absorption so the CBD works right where it hurts, and the other botanical ingredients soothe and cool the skin.

Try the UPSY Cool-Aid Roll-On on your lower back, knees, or neck — wherever you need cooling, no-mess relief.

UPSY Rocket Fuel CBD Beverage Blend

Fans of our Rocket Fuel CBD drink will tell you it has what you need to get over the post-lunch energy lull. Theanine — an amino acid found in tea and mushrooms — assists with focus and concentration, while our old friend caffeine provides an energizing kick.

The lemon-flavored Rocket Fuel CBD comes in a convenient drink mix packet you can take with you anywhere. Just mix it in water whenever your energy crashes or you need extra focus without the jittery effects of energy drinks.

Try UPSY Rocket Fuel whenever you want focused energy combined with CBD-level calm.

UPSY Balance Act CBD Tincture

Our classic CBD oil tincture started it all. With clean mint flavor and a range of concentrations, Balance Act tincture is CBD at its finest.

The nano-emulsified CBD isolate in Balance Act is the perfect way to experience the “non-entourage effect” without any extras — just pure, bioavailable CBD. You can be confident you’re getting the real CBD experience because Balance Act is laboratory tested to ensure accurate potency (like all UPSY products).

Try UPSY Balance Act Tincture when you need daily support and want the real CBD experience, sans THC.

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